Engineering Services

We offer an outsourced CAD drafting service to our clients through a very convenient process which results in large amounts of costs savings and faster turnaround times.

We have been serving the International Oil & Gas industry clients located in UK North Sea – Aberdeen, Scotland since 2009 with long term contracts and work programs and today we are very well equipped with much needed experiences, best practices and standards.

We turn your hand drawings, update red-lines, markups and sketches into professional CAD drawing packages. Where we can;

  • Generate new CAD drawings from your hand markups.
  • Update existing CAD drawings to your latest revision.
  • Take your old paper drawings and redraw them as CAD files.
  • Use industry standard symbols, or your own custom symbol libraries if needed
  • Customize new drawings to match existing drawing set layering systems.
  • Produce realistic time estimates for CAD drafting that are based on years of experience.
  • Produce CAD drawings quickly, efficiently and correctly in the as a back office/BPO, leaving you to get on with your core business functions.

Recent Projects

Re-Draws completed for a renowned Oil & Gas company in Aberdeen.

MED Drawings completed for a leading Sri Lankan Telecommunications provider

The layout plan of Mahavilachchiya Children’s Education Center for Children

Isometric Drawings completed for an Oil & Gas client from Aberdeen. The project included P&ID’s, Isometrics, Tie-Ins to be completed in a short period of time

Contact Details

Rickey Barnett - Director

+94 11 2167082

Aruni Wijepala

+94 11 216 7087