The Oil and Gas project team of Hayleys Energy Services, won the Transportation & Logistics Sector award at the Hayleys Chairman’s Awards 2020, held at The Kingsbury Hotel Colombo. The awards were honored to the top performers among each Business Sector. The applications were evaluated by an expert panel of judges which were called under six categories including Innovation, Quality & Lean Management, Service Excellence, Leadership, Environmental Stewardship and Social / Environment Projects. The oil & gas project team of Hayleys Energy Services became proud recipients for the 3rd consecutive year winning Transportation and Logistics Sector “Gold” award.
Hayleys Energy Services was awarded for Lay-up & Preservation of Sri Lanka’s Largest Oil & Gas Storage Vessel “FPSO Dhirubhai-1” (1.3mn Barrels of Crude Oil Storage Capacity) – delivering over USD$3mn Forex to Sri Lanka. The layup operation and preservation of FPSO Dhirubhai-1 captured a full spectrum of services offered by Hayleys Energy Services as an oil & gas support service provider.
These kinds of vessels are used in the offshore industry for the processing of Hydrocarbons produced from nearby platforms or subsea surfaces. It then processors and stores them until offloaded into a shuttle tanker or transported through a pipeline.
One of the critical challenges Hayleys Energy Team had was the “Preservation” of the vessel which had a broad scope of work including Nitrogen Purging of the Pipelines that carried Hydrocarbons. The Pipelines of the FPSO having thick residues of hydrocarbons needed to be flushed and cleansed using Liquid Nitrogen. A total of 88,840 Kilo grams of Liquid Nitrogen was used for this task and the Nitrogen purging was carried out for a period of approx.2 weeks on board. Liquid Nitrogen storage tanks, Cryogenic Hoses and processing tanks were imported for this task and Liquid Nitrogen was supplied by Linde (Ceylon Oxygen).
Safety was one of the key concerns when handling Liquid Nitrogen which has a boiling point of -196 Celsius. One of the main accidents avoided during the transfer of Liquid Nitrogen to Cryogenic tanks were the Cryogenic Burns and frostbites. The project team took precautions to eliminate incidents and accidents whilst performing this risky operation.
As an integrated support service provider, Hayleys Energy Services has created new business opportunities to Advantis Group companies to provide their services to the layup vessel. Advantis Projects to supply trailers and trucks to move cargo etc. from Hambantota Port to Colombo Port, Moceti International to provide Bunker parcels to vessel, Hayleys Travels & tours to provide Crew change vehicles and Advantis Freight for freight management services, Advantis Free Zone to store O&G cargo are a few among them. In this project, Hayleys Energy Services integrated the services of Hayleys Group (i.e. Hayleys Aventura) and Hayleys Advantis Limited. expanding the group level involvement in Oil & Gas projects.


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